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Utah Style and Design

Dear Utah Style & Design Customers
Please review Westland's unique installation case studies and for additional ideas visit our Design Gallery.  If you're interested in building a Green home please call us for ideas and solutions that can be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.  Westland's been building unique custom spas, saunas, steam rooms and exercise pool for over 30 years.

Case 1: Solar Spa:  
1) Spa needs to blend into existing backyard design.
2) Spa must be the most energy efficient spa built.
3) Spa needed integrate into radiant solar heating system. 

Westland installed the spa into a recessed concrete deck and built a rock wall which integrated into the backyard design. We insulated the spa shell and cover with the highest r-factor insulation to reduce heat loss. And installed Westland's unique spa system that integrates into
the homes radiant heating system for quick and efficient heating.


Case 2:  Solar Exercise Pool  
Customer built a home in a remote location with limited power resources.  Because of health needs customer needed low impact water exercise. Requirements for the pool were:
1) Pool needed to be energy efficient 
2) Pool needed to integrate into existing solar heating
3) Pool needed a swim in place system but could not use traditional resistance swimming systems.     


Westland built the exercise pool with super insulation and cover with the highest r-factor in the industry. We installed a low output circulation pump for filtration and water was heated via solar panels.  Westland designed a harness resistance swim system that allowed the customer to swim or water jog in place without using any energy.   

Case 3: Remote Activation Steam Room
Customer requested that a steam room be installed into existing home and requested that he be able to control it remotely. 

Westland determined that customerís cell phone would be the best remote control device to activate the steam room.  Customers home was not retrofitted with a home automation system so we installed a wireless controller that integrated into steam room controller. Now our customer can activate his steam room from the top of ski run 20 minutes before he returns home to take a steam bath.




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